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Speaker Success Tips

Expectations of Speakers


Presenters are required to register and attend the full conference. 


  • Laptop computer (if you indicated on your instructor agreement you would provide)
  • Your presentation on USB thumb drive
  • Presenter notes or Instructor Guide
  • Presenter biography and/or business cards
  • Copies/handouts - optional


HOURS: Monday - Thursday 7:30AM -5:00PM
LOCATION: Kansas City Convention Center, Level 2, 2505-A

The Speaker Prep Lounge is available for ASFPM conference presenters to work on their presentations and drop off their concurrent session presentation when it is ready. A computer and printer (for speaker's notes only) will be available. A volunteer will be present if you have any questions or problems. NOTE: There will be no internet availability in the Speaker Prep Room Lounge.


Laptops at the conference will be running PowerPoint 2016. This version is capable of running presentations created using older versions of PowerPoint.  Speakers are expected to bring their presentation to the conference on a portable USB storage device (also called "thumb drive", "memory stick", etc.). CDs and DVDs are also acceptable. To be safe, it is recommended that you bring your presentation on more than one storage device in case something happens to one of them. 

For presenters who plan to use an embedded video in their presentation, it is recommended that they use a file format that is readily recognizable by a standard computer. There have been some complications with embedded videos in the past, usually as a result of an additional software required on the laptop. It is recommended that presenters do a trial run on the computer in the Speaker Prep Lounge or your meeting room before your presentation.


ASFPM does not provide storage or on-site shipping services for presenters. Presenters are responsible for making arrangements should they need to ship materials in advance. Please note there may be a daily storage fee for this service.  Contact your hotel or the Harvest Business Center in the Convention Center Lobby in Kansas City to set up an account and make shipping arrangements.


ASFPM does not provide or print handouts for workshop attendees. Handouts are provided at the discretion of the Presenter. Copying and print services are the Presenter’s responsibility and expense. Contact the Harvest Business Center in the lobby of the Convention Center or a nearby printer in Kansas City to make printing arrangements.


Concurrent sessions, Plenaries, Early Birds, and any sessions other than a Workshop or Tour are walk-in sessions and therefore do not have registration lists or numbers for attendees. ASFPM is able to provide registration numbers for a la carte events such as Workshops and Tours two weeks prior to the conference to workshop or tour point of contact.


PLENARY SESSIONS: Diane Brown, ASFPM Outreach Specialist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CONCURRENT SESSIONS: Steve McMaster is the ASFPM Conference Program Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WORKSHOPS: Kait Laufenberg, ASFPM Conference Workshop Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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 We look forward to seeing you in Kansas City!


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